1. Crystal Growth, Fundamentals and Modeling, Characterization and Applications
     (Section Organizers: Horia Alexandru Lucian Gheorghe Daniel Vizman Madalin Bunoiu )

2. Advanced Materials in Solar Energy Conversion
     (Section Organizers:Antohe Stefan, Sorina Iftimie )

3. Thin Films and Advanced Functional Materials
     (Section Organizers: Pintilie Lucian, Maria Dinescu, Victor Ciupina, Aurelian Rotaru )

4. Nanostructured Materials and Applications
     (Section Organizers: Monica Enculescu, Toma Stoica, Elena Matei, Marius Volmer )

5. Electronic Materials and Devices: from RF to THz
     (Section Organizers: Liviu Nedelcu, Aurelian Crunteanu, Masahiko Tani)

6. Advanced Organic and Carbon-based Materials and Applications
     (Section Organizers: Florin Stanculescu, Florin Nastase )

7. Advanced Materials for Energy and Environmental Applications
     (Section Organizers: Anca Dumitru, Bogdan Diaconescu )

8. Biomaterials, Biodevices and Applications
     (Section Organizers: George Stan, Victor Diculescu )

9. Emerging Materials.
     (Section Organizers: Daniela Dragoman)





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