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2. Advanced Materials in Solar Energy Conversion


Alternative energy is one of the hot topics of modern world, with special focus on Solar Energy Conversion devices. Finding appropriate materials to build low-cost performing applications is one of the today challenges of researchers. Looking back, the evolution of the most recent developed photovoltaic devices is quite surprising and nowadays the power conversion efficiency values are larger than 10% for semiconductor quantum dots and larger than 22% for organic-inorganic halide perovskite materials, in less than 10 years of theory and experiments. Despite all this huge progress some issues are still to be overcome, such as environmental stability and industrial production.
This Section proposes to highlight the most recent and innovative developments in Solar Energy Conversion field, including conductive polymers, small molecules, halide perovskites, inorganic semiconductors, colloidal quantum dots, hybrid materials based photovoltaic devices, thermal energy conversion, solar concentrators, and/or hybrid thermal-solar devices. We aim to discuss fundamental knowledge, new concepts, materials and device design strategies towards the goal of more stable and better performing 3rd -generation photovoltaic cells and other related devices.
Emerging concepts and materials in Solar Energy Conversion require cross-disciplinary expertise combining physics, chemistry, photonics, material science, and nanotechnologies.
The purpose of this Section is to provide an interactive and focused platform for presenting and discussing emerging and newborn ideas.

Topics to be covered

We discuss fundamentals and applications related to Solar Energy Conversion but we are not limited to:


Section Organizers

Antohe Stefan, University of Bucharest, Faculty of Physics, Romania
Sorina Iftimie, University of Bucharest, Faculty of Physics, Romania




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