The abstracts should be submitted on-line only. A template file, with abstract stiles and rules, may be downloaded here.

The abstract should include precise statements about the purpose of your study, new previously unpublished methods, and findings. Please define all abbreviations when they are used for the first time.


  To submit your abstract now, please: click here!



1. Abstracts should be written either in British or American English. A mixture between them will not be accepted. Page format is: Only one page, A5 format, landscape, with 2.0 cm margins all around (170 × 108 mm text area). The recommended type of font is “TIMES NEW ROMAN”, 10 points bold for TITLE, and 10 points regular for abstract body. 

2. The TITLE will be centered. The author’s names and affiliations (including email for presenting and corresponding authors) will follow an empty single-spaced line. The Name of the presenting author should be underlined. An empty single-spaced line will follow this information, and the text of the abstract.

3. The body of your abstract should be formatted as a single-spaced line text.


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For the Login operation, the participants must have an username and a password (an account).
The ROCAM participants can create new accounts.

The participant can recover username and password that have been forgotten.



After the acceptance of the abstracts, the participants must continue with the REGISTRATION (the REGISTRATION FORM must be filled) and decide about some options. Only contributions from registered participants will be included in The Abstract Book and in The Conference Program.

The REGISTRATION FORM page will be activated after 01-04-2020.


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