ROCAM 2015

7-10 July 2015, BUCHAREST, ROMANIA


The Conference aims at presenting an overview of the latest developments in some topics
on advanced materials theory, modeling, processing, characterization and applications

Special keywords will be in attention:
nanomaterials, multifunctional and photovoltaic materials.


1 Nov. 2014: deadline for Full Conference' WebSite.
15 Febr. 2015: deadline for Abstract Submisiion
1 May 2015: deadline for Early Registration Fee

The topics of the Conference include:

- advanced materials for energy conversion
- nanostructured materials
- thin films and heterostructures
- dielectric and magnetic material
  - advanced organic and carbonic materials
- bio (mimetic) materials
- meta-materials and photonic crystals

- nonlinear materials


S1: Advanced Materials for Solar Energy Conversion
S2: Carbon-based nanomaterials and applications
S3: Thin Films and Nanostructures of Functional Materials
S4: Advanced Biomaterials, Biodevices and Biotechnology
S5: Advances in Surface Science and Engineering
S6: Advanced Ceramics: Synthesis, Properties, and Applications
S7: Nonlinear Electric and Optical Materials, Properties and Applications
S8: Advanced Materials Characterization and Modeling

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International Summer School
on Materials for Energy Conversion

6-11 July 2015, BUCHAREST, ROMANIA


The International Summer School on Materials for Energy Conversion is focused on those materials and technologies dedicated to solar conversion processes, including photovoltaic, electrochemical and thermoelectric. To work in this scientific direction, both theoretical knowledge and experimental skills are required. In this sense, a comprehensive series of lectures related with theoretical aspects will be associated with those for methods and techniques for complete characterization of semiconductors, organic materials, oxides and other materials involved in solar conversion.
Senior researchers and professors with good practice will give classes to the Summer School. All lectures will be 90 minutes long. Ph.D students, junior researchers from both, academia and industry are strongly encouraged to participate to Summer School. A poster session related with the main Summer School Topics will take place.
Summer School Topics:

  • Materials, techniques and devices for photovoltaic conversion
  • Materials, techniques and devices for electrochemical conversion
  • Materials, techniques and devices for thermoelectric conversion
  • Materials, techniques and devicesfor efficient light sources

The International Summer School will be jointly organized with ROCAM 2015 conference. Students will have the opportunity to have informal discussions with the school lecturers and scientists involved in the specific research field. Students will have access to the plenary and poster sessions of the conference, planed not during the school lectures. Last, but not least, social events are planned in common with the ROCAM Conference.



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