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With dedicated DEMO sessions on clients' samples.

  1. NEWConfocal Fusion & Continuos Confocal
  2. 3 in 1 technology
  3. outstanding lateral resolution
  4. full 3D scan in less than 10 seconds
  Optical Profiler, „S Neox”model
Producer: Sensofar, Spain


Attend ROCAM 2017, measure your samples during the workshop, and publish the impressive results!
For details about samples please contact: Claudia Moldovan, moldovan@schaefer-tec.com

Why 3 in 1 technologies?

Designed  as a high-performance 3D optical profiler from the outset,
S neox outperforms  all existing optical  profilers, combining  3 techniques:

  1. Confocal (best for surfaces with high slope)
  2. Interferometry (yields the highest vertical resolution)
  3. Focus Variation (measure shape in mere seconds)

All in the same sensor head without any moving parts.






Focus Variation


Sensofar proprietary confocal algorithms provide vertical repeatability on the nmscale.



Focus Variation
Sensofar’s implementation of this approach has been specifically designed to complement confocal measurements at low  magnification. Highlights of the technology include high slope surfaces (up to 86°), highest measurement speeds (mm/s) and large vertical range.
This combination of features is largely suited to tooling applications.

White-light vertical scanning interferometers (VSI) measure the surface height of smooth to moderately roughsurfaces, providing nm vertical resolution regardless of the NA. The S neox can thus use all available magnifications to profile shape features with no compromise in height. resolution

Phase shifting interferometers (PSI) measure the surface height of very smooth and continuous surfaces, providing sub-nm vertical resolution regardless of the NA. Very low magnifications (2.5X) thus enable large FOVsto be acquired with no compromise. in height resolution.


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