01. Koichi Kakimoto Methods of Crystal Growth in bulk and thin layers
02. Antony Dabkowski Crystal Growth from High Temperature Liquids  
03. Daniel Vizman Magnetic fields in crystal growth of silicon crystals  
04. Thomas Kuech Epitaxial growth, fundamentals and applications  
05. Elias Vlieg Predicting the growth morphology of crystals  
06. Peter Vekilov Classical and non-classical mechanisms of nucleation of crystals in solution  
07. Joseph Greene Nucleation and Growth of Self-assembled and Self-organized Nanostructures (the materials science of small things)  
08. Andreas Schoenhals Broadband dielectric spectroscopy in comparison to other spectroscopic methods applied to functional materials like liquid crystals  
09. Masahiko Tani Nonlinear optics and materials for generation and detection of THz radiation  
10. Stefan Antohe Fundamental of organic materials for photovoltaics  
11. Manuel Ricardo Ibarra Garc√≠a New Devices for thermoelectric conversion based in the spin Seebeck effect  
12. Dan Brett Polymer Electrolyte¬† Fuel Cells and their Materials  
13. Philipp Adelhelm Materials aspects of lithium-ion batteries  
14. Robin Jeremy White Energy and Chemistry in the context of Sustainability