Some reference points are the followings:

Activity Planned day Duration Estimative price
Welcome Party Sunday,  September, 14th 2 hours Free for registered
participants and its accompanying persons
Dinner Party Tuesday, September, 16th 3 hours 20 EUR
A visit to wine cellars in Murfatlar, the place of some of the most famous Romanian wines   1/2 day 30 EUR
Constanta Tour   4 hours 5 EUR
Excursion to the Danube Delta Friday and
2 days 130 EUR
The Romanian Seaside Tour   1/2 day 20 EUR
A Tour including visit to Adamclisi (a Roman monument built by the Emperor Traian)   1/2 day 30 EUR
A Tour including visit to some of the oldest Christian churches in this part of Europe   1 day 50 EUR

 Any tour need a minimum number of participants.