Andrei ANDRIES Inst. Applied Physics, Kishinau, President of the Academy of Sciences of MOLDOVA
Peter BARNA Research Institute for Technical Physics & Materials Science, Budapest, HUNGARY
Hans BRADACZEK Member Russian Acad. Sciences, Research Center of EFG International Berlin, GERMANY
Ernesto DIEGUEZ Universidad Autonoma de Madrid, SPAIN
Janez DOLINSEK Inst. ‘Josef Stefan', Ljubljana, SLOVENIA
Habil Thierry DUFFAR International Union of Crystallography, DEM/SPCM/LSP, Commissariat a l'Energie Atomique, Grenoble, FRANCE
Roberto FORNARI International Union of Crystallography, CNR – MASPEC Inst. Parma, ITALY
Eckhart FRETWURST Ins. fur Ferskorpelphysik, Univ. Hamburg, GERMANY
Rainer FROMKNECHT Inst. für Festkörperphysik Karlsruhe, GERMANY
Neville GREAVES Editor, J. Non-crystalline Solids, Univ. of Wales, Aberystwyth, UK
Hans D. HOCHHEIMER Department of Physics, Colorado State University, USA
Pham Van HUONG Universite de Bordeaux 1, FRANCE.
Alain IBANEZ Lab. Cristallographie CNRS, Grenoble, FRANCE.
Bogdan IDZIKOWSKI Inst. Molecular Physics, Poznan, Polish Academy of Sciences, POLAND.
Minhua JIANG Chirman of Chinese Crystal Growth -Material Soc., Shandong University, CHINA
Kevin KNOWLES Cambridge University, UK
Sidnei LANG Associate Editor, Ferroelectrics, Department of Chemical Engineering, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, ISRAEL
P. M. NIKOLIC Institute of Technical Sciences, Belgrade, YUGOSLAVIA
Piet NAGELS Antwerp Univ., BELGIUM
Tatau NISHINAGA President of the International Organization of Crystal Growth, Dept. Electron. Eng., University of Tokyo, JAPAN
Stanford OVSHINSKY President and CEO, Energy Conversion Devices, Inc., Michigan, USA
Leonid RASHKOVICH Moscow State Univ. RUSSIA
Manfred REICHE Max Planck Institute for Microstructures Physics, GERMANY
Kiyotaka SATO Assoc. Editor, J. of Crystal Growth, Biocryst. and Organic Crystals, Fac. Appl. Biol. Sci., Hiroshima Univ., JAPAN
Michael SCHIEBER Founding Editor of the J. of Crystal Growth, Hebrew Univ. of Jerusalem, ISRAEL
Anthony STRADLING Imperial College, London, UK
Gilbert VACQUIER Univ. Provence, Marseille, FRANCE
Cornelis WOENSDREGT Officer of the Int. Organization on Crystal Growth, Faculty of Earth Sciences, Utrecht Univ., THE NETHERLANDS



Last update: 06.07.2000