The Conference aims to present an overview of the latest developments in the advanced materials theory, modeling, fabrication, characterization, processing and applications.



T. Nishinaga, President of IOCG, Univ. of Tokyo, JAPAN
S. Lang, Ben Gurion Univerity,
J.J. De Yoreo, Lawrence Livermore Ntl. Lab. USA
S. Brandon, Dept. of Chem. Eng. Technion, ISRAEL
P. B. Barna, Inst. of Technical Physics, HUNGARY
D. Kaschiev, Bulgarian Academy of Science, BULGARIA
H. Klapper, Bonn University, GERMANY
P. Nagels, Rijksuniversitair Centrum Antwerpen, BELGIA
A. J. Baronnet, University of Marseille, FRANCE

Atara Horowitz, Beer-Sheva University, ISRAEL
B. Briat, ESPCI, Paris, FRANCE
C.F. Woensdregt, University of Utrecht, NETHERLAND
A. Kikineshi, University of Uzgorod, UKRAINE
A. Andriesh, Academy of Moldova, MOLDOVA
M. Schieber, Hebrow of Jerusalim, ISRAEL
R. Ramer, University of New South Wales, AUSTRALIA
C. Sorell, University of New South Wales, AUSTRALIA
K. Sangwal, Tech. Univ. Lublin, POLAND


Conference President: Vladimir Topa, NIMP, Bucharest
Conference Chairman: Horia V. Alexandru, University of Bucharest
General - Secretary: Florin Stanculescu, MATPUR, Bucharest
Treasurer: Silviu Polosan, NIMP Bucharest
Brandusa Iliescu, NIMP, Bucharest
V. Dragoi, NIMP, Bucharest
P. Ganea, IMT, Bucharest
I. Matei, NIMP, Bucharest

A. Balaban, Romanian Academy
Margareta Giurgea, Romanian Academy
R. Grigorovici, Romanian Academy
M. Peculea, Romanian Academy
V. Topa, NIMP, Bucharest
P. Balta, "Politehnica" Univ. Bucharest
Rodica Manaila, NIMP, Bucharest
Irina Nicoara, University of Timisoara
H. Chiriac, Inst. of Technical Physics, Iasi
C. Cuna, IIMT, Cluj
A. Deveny, NIMP, Bucharest
M. Morariu, NIMP, Bucharest
D. Todor, MATPUR, Bucharest
I. Munteanu, University of Bucharest
H.V. Alexandru, University of Bucharest
Maria Petrescu, "Politechnica" Univ. Bucharest
Al.Aldea, NIMP, Bucharest
Elena Labusca, NIMP Bucharest
C. Tanasoiu, NIMP, Bucharest
I. Teoreanu, "Politechnica" Univ. Bucharest
S. Nistor, NIMP, Bucharest
Maria Zaharescu, Inst. of Phys. Chem., Bucharest
P. Filip, Inst. of Organic Chemistry, Bucharest
V. Grecu, University of Bucharest
S. Antohe, University of Bucharest
Brandusa Iliescu, NIMP, Bucharest
Gh. Rusu, University of Iasi
M. Popescu, NIMP, Bucharest
T. Botila, NIMP, Bucharest
C. Constantin, NIMP, Bucharest
D. Lazar, NIMP Bucharest
D. Lazar, NIMP, Bucharest
V. Ciupina, Univ. of Constanta
T.Segarceanu, INMR, Bucharest

The Conference Program includes: Plenary lectures; Invited papers (on topics of general interest); Specialized parallel sessions devoted to each of the above topics with invited and contributed oral presentation; Poster sessions.

English will be the official language of the Conference.

100.000 LEI
The Conference Fee includes:
- participation in all RoCAM sections;
- RoCAM'97 Program;
- RoCAM'97 Abstract Book;
- welcome party;

The Conference Fee does not include:
meals, travel, accommodation.

The participants will pay the Conference Fee to:
Silviu Polosan, NIMP Bucharest-Magurele, PO Box MG-7,

or directly to RoCAM treasurer at the registration desk in the first day of the Conference.

RoCAM'97 PROCEEDINGS will be published in a special issue of Anal. Univ. Buc. 1997.

RoCAM'97 PROCEEDINGS will be published in a special issue of Anal. Univ. Buc. 1997.

RoCAM'97 PROCEEDINGS will be published in a special issue of Anal. Univ. Buc. 1997.

Participants who intend to publish their contribution (3-4 pag. for oral cotributions, 5-8 pag. for plenary lectures and invited papers, written single-spaced), are kindly requested to deliver the paper(s) (2 copies - according to attached sheet rules) at the registration desk toghether with the recorded diskette (Word 6.0 format).
There is no supplimentary fee for publications. For each paper must be paid at last one participation fee. Contributions shall be refered according to the standards of the Journal.

(15 min. + 5 min. disscutions)
Overhead and Slide Projector shall be avaible for presentation.

Panels of 90 cm wide and 120 cm height will be available for presentation.

(50 min. + 10 min. disscutions)
1. T. Nishinaga: "Micro-channel epitaxy-concept and application to highly lattice mismatched heteroepitaxy"
2. J.J. De Yoreo et all: "Studying the surface morphology and growth dynamics of solutions-based crystals using the Atomic Force Microscopy"
3. A. Andriesh: "Photoinduced phenomena in chalcogenide glasses and applications in optoelectronics"

(30 min. + 10 min. disscutions)
1. H.V.Alexandru: "Growth Mechanism of KDP Crystal from Solution"
2. P. B. Barna et al: "Tailoring the Grain Size, Morphology and Texture of Polycrystalline Thin Films by Codepositing Active Additives"
3. A. J. Baronnet: "Crystal Growth Mechanisms of Crystals with Cylindrical Lattices. The Case of Serpentines"
4. S. Brandon et all: "Computational Analisys of Heat Transport during the Melt Growth of Sapphire and Other Oxide Single Crystals"
5. A. Kikineshi: "Physical Properties of Amorphous Hetero- and Multilayers"
6. H. Klapper: "Melt Growth and X-Ray Topographic Characterization of Organic Molecular Crystals"
7. Sidney B.Lang: "Surface Laser Intensity Modulation Method (SLIMM) and Data Analysis by Means of Constrained Regularization Method"
8. Rodica Manaila: "Nanocrystalline Quasicrystals"
9. P. Nagels: "Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapour Depositin of Amorphous Chalcogenide Films"
10. Maria Petrescu et all: " Metallic Matrix Composites Grown "in-situ" by Unidirectional Solidification and by Rapid Solidification"
11. Rodica Ramer et al: "Superconducting Microwave Resonators"
12. K. Sangwal: "Hillock Inclinations, Step Velocities and Nature of Bunched Steps during Crystal Growth from Solutions"
13. C. Sorell: "Temperature Measurement and Densification of Ceramics during Microwave Heating"
14. V.Topa: &quotNanomaterials and Nanotehnology"
15. C.F.Woensdregt: "Growth Morphology and Surface Topology by Hartman-Perdok Theory"
16. Maria Zaharescu: "Inorganic-Organic Hybrid Materials Obtained by Sol-Gel Method"

For further information please contact:
- Prof.dr.V. Topa -Honorary President of RoMS- CGS:
Phone/Fax: 0040 1 420 37 00 e-mail:
- H. V. Alexandru - Executive President of RoMS - CGS:
Phone/Fax: 0040 1 746 50 66
-Drd.F. Stanculescu - Vice President of RoMS - CGS:,
-Drd. S. Polosan:



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